Isildur1 beats Eugene Katchalov in latest Superstar Showdown

Isildur1 beats Eugene Katchalov in latest Superstar Showdown

Monday, 14 February 2011

Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom made it three wins out of four matches after beating Eugene 'RabbiFoo' Katchalov in the latest PokerStars Superstar Showdown.

The young Swede booked a profit of $111,750, not bad for four hours work. The match got off to a cagey start but exploded into life when Blom turned a set to beat Katchalov's top pair. The PCA Super High Roller champion fought back though after rivering a flush to beat Isildur1's set.

Trips were to prove a crucial part of the contest with Katchalov thinking he was in great shape holding pocket 9s on a 2h3cJdKh9h board. Unfortunately for the challenger, Blom was holding pocket kings and pocketed a pot of $62,500, the biggest of the match.

Isildur1 kept that momentum up as the match neared its conclusion, provoking a check shove from Katchalov, who was holding Q6, on a rainbow 457 board. Blom, who had pocket jacks faded the 3 and 8 to take a $22,500 pot.

Tony G, Daniel Cates and now Katchalov have all succumbed to Isildur1 in the Superstar Showdown with only Isaac Haxton managing to defeat the Swedish youngster. Blom is now in profit to the tune of $166,065 heading into round five which will be against qualifier Dodgyfish72 on Sunday 27 February at 8pm UK time.

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