Isaac Haxton to play Isildur1 in Superstar Showdown rematch

Isaac Haxton to play Isildur1 in Superstar Showdown rematch

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has made headlines by resuming his usual six-figure swings at the PokerStars tables, but now with the confirmation that another Superstar Showdown will take place he’s in the headlines again.

Blom will take on Isaac Haxton, aka “philivey2694”, at another 2,500 hands of high stakes heads-up at 5pm UK time this Sunday, 10th March. For this match the stakes have doubled to $100/$200 with each player putting up $300,000.

Last time, the two played the inaugural Superstar Showdown and Haxton won $41,000, becoming the only player to win Blom’s money. It wasn’t easy, though: "No one has ever more consistently made me miserable when playing against them," Haxton said. "I guess I'd put Ivey in second for that, but it's honestly not that close. Isildur's brand of over the top--but carefully balanced--aggression is unlike anything I've played against and really takes me out of my comfort zone.”

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