Isaac Haxton Hacked Off

Isaac Haxton Hacked Off

Thursday, 27 February 2014

We all know that poker is a game of skill and one that often favours the better player, but try telling this to someone who isn't familiar with the game and it often falls on deaf ears.

Indeed, anytime you tell someone you play poker, especially if you're a professional, it often elicits the response: "oh, so you're a gambler".

Such a blasé and infuriating reaction can often be enough to cause instant tilt and this is something PokerStars pro and high stakes legend Isaac Haxton knows all too well.

Having had to deal with his fair sure of scepticism and cynicism over the years, Haxton decided to write a blog about his experiences telling people he's a professional player.

Addressing the problems he faces when telling people he plays poker for a living, he broke down the respondents into four categories:

The "wide-eyed awe" guy - the person who can't believe you play such a cool game.
The "I know better" guy - the one thinks you can't be a long-term winner.
The "I don't get it" guy - the person who is baffled by the prospect of playing full time.
The "I played poker once as well" guy - the guy who loves to tell you his bad beat stories like he's a pro.

Despite being frustrated enough to pen a blog, Haxton has been able to take comfort from the fact that his Team Online video profile has helped "a ton of pros" show their parents what a professional poker player is actually like.

Watch Ike's film below.

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