Surinder Sunar Mixing It Up

Surinder Sunar Mixing It Up

Monday, 25 April 2011

Surinder takes advantage of the 18 year Aleksi.
We also have our Sole Survivor

As Seamus Cahill builds up his chip leader 3-betting with great timing, Surinder goes to the river with Aleksi Savela.

The board was 6d 7d Jh Qs 8d.

The betting was lead by Aleksi, then Surinder controlled the turn.
With a 500k bet on the river Surinder, out of position, puts Aleksi in the tank. The pot was 1.6 million.

Aleksi fold with a slight hint of frustration.

Surinder decides to add the Aleksi's frustration by showing A5 off.

Shortly after Karl Rudwall was eliminated by Sunar, when he spiked a King on the turn. Which means the Sole Survivor is Niall Smyth. He receives an additional €100k package to his tournament winnings this weekend.

Just as I'm writing this Aleksi Savela has gone out in 5th place, at the hands of Seamus Cahill. The 18 year old Scandinavian received €115,000.

2 hands later Seamus 4bets Surinder to go allin, covering Sunars stack. Surinder tanks, and counts out his chips and lines them up to crate a some what protective wall infront of him.

After the almost standard few minutes of contemplation Surinder calls, and puts his tournament life on the line.

Seamus Cahill KQ
Surinder Sunar QQ

The QQ's hold with no real sweat needed.

Surinder is now chip leader with just over 5million, while Seamus has a still manageable count of 1.7million.

So 4 players remain, blinds are 30,000-60,000 ante 4,000.

Surinder Sunar is running the show, for now.

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