Smyth is building

Smyth is building

Monday, 25 April 2011

With 4 remaining it's the experienced holding well.

We are about to enter a new level, and the young gun Niall Smyth has been building his stack with confidence.

3 betting Surinder Sunar, and several times over hitting at Martin Petri's shrinking stack.

As say speak Seamus Cahill and Martin Petri, big and small blinds go heads up, Martin is all-in. Which is around half of Cahill's stack.
Martin survives and doubles up to 1.7 million.

The very next hand Seamus goes all-in, with his remaining 148k, and Martin Petri calls, Surinder is thinking.

Surinder seems to be tormenting Petri's flat call.

Surinder goes all-in over Petri.

Petri calls.

3 way all-in.

Seamus QJ
Petri A6
Surinder 99

Pot is over 4 million

Flop - 4 7 J

Turn - Q

River - A


The rails are jumping!!

Seamus triples up, and Petri the rest over Surinder.

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