Neil Channing's runs down the Final 9

Neil Channing's runs down the Final 9

Monday, 25 April 2011

Final Table 9 thru the eyes of Channing

Neil kindly sat down with me just before the start of play today, and gave me some of his views on some of the final 9.

Niall Smyth
Niall has been very impressive and composed thru yesterday. He could be very dangerous. He's well capable to 3 or 4-bet pre-flop with controlled aggression, but also well capable to handle some great betting post-flop.

Aleksi Savela
Neil hasn't seen much of this Finish player, but he seems to be able to attack the table at moments of eased play.

John Eames
John is a good friend and rival. John was moved to Neil's table yesterday, and within 10 minutes John knocked him out. Neil admits being knocked out was in his mind as soon as John sat down. Really likes playing on the tours with John. Neil and John, with a few others like JP Kelly, regularly have a lot of side betting running in each tournament they play. Adding to the enjoyment. John is a very strong contender to win this out right, but it wouldn't be easy.

Seamus Cahill
Seamus has shown great control and professionalism yesterday when he lost 2 big pots in a very short time frame, but was even more impressive to build up his stack to a healthy size to start today.

Martin Petri
He is quite solid, but possible a bit too card dependent at times, and can be a 3-bet squeezer a little too often.

Niall McCann
Niall has grinded well to make the final 9. He is vulnerable to be bullied. This could be due to the fact that his is too focused on making the Sole Survivor prize package.

Rob Taylor
Rob and Neil have played together quite a few times. Neil says he really likes Rob's play. Also an Omaha player and bring some of the betting tactics to Hold'em.

Overall Neil can't really say which player will win this. Play can go in any direction, as the way we all know it is in poker. Sure, isn't that the reason why we play.

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