Neil Channing bows out

Neil Channing bows out

Sunday, 24 April 2011

We are very close to the bubble, 70 remain, 64 get paid.

Neil is out.

He was shoving when he could to build a stack of over 100k. In the end he shoved A5 but was called by A5 and the board ran out high to split the pot. The very next hand he shoves 10 8 in the SB only for John Eames to wake up with Ace....and Ace!

Eames has a bit of a sweat as Channing makes a pair and gets a straight draw but Eames ends up hitting a set to send our champ to the rails.

Short stack players have been grinding for as long as possible, but not getting the edge to increase their stacks. Now they are following at some speed.

We are playing to the end of Level 17 tonight, and a start time of 2pm tomorrow. So still enough play left tonight.

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