Levels 18 and 19

Levels 18 and 19

Sunday, 24 April 2011

What a start we have on the feature table

All were slightly slower in their movement this morning. Partly due to the joy of making the money, and also thanks to the great, late night entertainment laid on by Paddy Power.

With 55 starting, the field is scattered with great names in Irish and International poker.

To start everyone has to notice the feature table that contains, from seat 4 to seat 9, Surinder Sunar, Jude Ainsworth, Julian Herold (chip leader), Marty Smyth and last but by no means least Andy Black.

My thoughts were with the other players joining them. Even giving them much respect for making the money.
Saying that it didn't take long before Jude started to take control of the table. With in 3 hands Jude eliminates Mark Spelman, and Michael Dwyer with gusto.

Jude started the day with 268k, and not too long ago I put him around the 700k mark.

Andy Black didn't seem too at ease during the first level, until he was able to double up thru Julian Herold. With self cheers of "what a player! what a player!!!". The room now knows Andy is still in the running.

We are now on the first short break of the day.

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