Julian Thew on a see-saw

Julian Thew on a see-saw

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Julian Thew hanging in, and we lose Teddy

Was just talking to Julian.

He started today around 66k.
He built it up just over the 80k mark, just had his QQ's run into AA's, for a 30k pot.

He's says he's really enjoying the Irish hospitality, and thinks it's a great structure.
Aiming to Grind it now, and see what flops!

Teddy Sherringham, ex-Man Utd footballer, never really got started today.
He found himself down to 7K, from his starting 53k.

In the end he pushed with K10 and was called with A8. 10 in the hole, followed promptly by an Ace.

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