John Eames retires after a valiant deep run

John Eames retires after a valiant deep run

Monday, 25 April 2011

John Eames retires in 7th for €45,000

After running into Aleksi Saleva's quad jack's, John was left with 423,000.

Soon after he makes the move and gets called by Seamus Cahill.
John's KQ hits a Q on the flop, but Seamus' AJ hits an A.

Chatting after John says he was playing too well for the last 2 days. He found the structure had a major fault when it came to the antes. Mainly around the end of yesterday when the antes were too small compared to the blinds.

John was looking forward to hitting the town tonight, but will probably head off. He has promised to be back again next year.

So we have 6 players remaining.

9th Niall McCann
8th John Eames
7th Rob Taylor

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