It's topsy-turby again!!

It's topsy-turby again!!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

With a 3bet from Sunar, Smyth had his tournament on the line going all-in

After a strongly lead betting sequence from Surinder, Niall goes all-in and is called.
Niall's 99 goes up against Sunar's AK.

And with in seconds the rails are awake and the noise for Niall becomes slightly deafening for the home man.

The window shows a 9, and the board ends to give Niall a full house.

The room exploded with that, and I've heard the bar was near empty, from near full.

Smyth 9.9 million
Sunar 2.6 million

Sunar is close to 20 big blinds, and this will go a lot longer, as you can expect from Surinder. No surrender!

Tags: Irish Open Final Table