Down to 11 players

Down to 11 players

Sunday, 24 April 2011

With just 2 players left to the end of Day 3

The last exits are:

15th Olaf Martensen
14th Vinny Burke
13th Derek Thorpe
12th Lorna Lancaster

Lorna, from Titan Poker, receives a huge applause. She is the last lady, and a super addition to this year's event. She promises to make it back next year, after having a very enjoyable weekend. She also complimented the structure and the new starting stack of 20,000.

Lorna and Andy had the laughter going over the last hour. I think Andy will miss her.

Prize money is up to €19,400 for 11th.
Players are getting very tired. When they're not in the hand they are standing, some chatting to friends and family at the rails.
Each move is becoming slower, and more precise for all concerned.

With this field of player at such a high quality it's anyone's guess to who will be the final victor.

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