Dinner Break

Dinner Break

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easing into the big payouts

Play slowed during the last 2 levels, as the payout get larger.
Players were still quite relaxed at the tables.

With most of the interest falling on table 1, containing John Eames, Andy Black, Seamus Cahill (first player over 1million), Jude Ainsworth, JP Kelly and Peter Philips.
Some great players still remaining.

Looks like we might be heading for a monstrous, entertaining final table.

Andy and JP have a slight run in, when Andy raises 30k from mid position, and JP in the big blind pushes all-in.

Andy goes into the tank.

After a while JP looks up to Andy and says he knows Andy has AJ.

At this Andy jumps out of his seat, and laughs.

Eventually the clock is called on Andy. He says fold and gentlemanly turns over his cards.... AJ!!!

Tables are moving around a bit, but still plenty of characters.

Andy has been moved to join Julian Herold, Aleksi Savela, Surinder Sunar, Olaf Martensson and Lee Bennett.

It seems that at one stage or another each of these players has been the chip leader.

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