And we're down to 3!

And we're down to 3!

Monday, 25 April 2011

4 become 3, after a marathon

This has been a small marathon with 4 players.

So many times each of the players, with the exception of Sunar, have been going all-in with no callers. This hasn't been the only plays, Niall Smyth has still been building and stealing.

Finally we get an all-in and call.

To the turn, on a board of 9c 4s 7c 5. Seamus shoves all-in has 4-7, and called by Niall with 7c Tc.

Two pair against one pair and flush draw.

The river show a 3c to end the tournament for Seamus. He leaves us in 4th place, €145,000.

Many of the big players watching on the rails have been saying that Seamus was their player of the tournament. All very impressed with his style of play, and professionalism.

3 Remain.
Niall Smyth still in monster control, but with Sunar still looming.

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