We are below the 100 mark at IWF 2009

Sunday, 25 October 2009

day 2

There are currently 87 players remaining.

A 1 hour dinner break is about to commence.

The blinds are 1200, 2400 after the break.

Not that many notable faces left.

Irish favourite Nicky Power trebled up witj a K3 catching two kings against a Q10. Well done nicky.

Bumped into Padraig Parkinson in the bar. He wasn't in conversation mode. I wonder if he didn't want to or he phyically wasn't able!!

Heres a list of some of the players who have been knocked out so far today.
Emmett Davis
Keith Johnson
Robert O’Reilly
Willie FitzPatrick
Joe McAdorey
Tony Padden
Jerome Le Garrec
Peter Murphy
Sergey Pangin
Daniel Haglund
Anthony Young
Barry Hand
Paddy Moloney
Ollie Boyce
Kevin Corcoran
Christoph Maurer
Carolyn Gray
Lee Brooke Pearce
Alan Kelleher
Sture Saxrud
Justin Barker
Mark McKeever
Willem Van Oostende
Albert Kenny
Robert Kolbe
Sebastian Denescu
Gerard Cosgrave
Jim Nelson
Caroline McKeever
Susan Gallagher
Markus Sippe
Neil Channing
Samuel Lethonen
Aleksander Asenov
Keith Maguire
Daniel McCloskey
Charles Coyle
Charles Nelson
Richard Phelan
Joe Cahill

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