Two rounds left of day one at IWF 2009.

Saturday, 24 October 2009


Two rounds left of day one here at city west the irish winter festival. an eventful day with well over 100 hundred players gone and I would imagine we will be below 200 by nights end.
Jay Renehan doubled up nicely over at Table 8 with his KK all in preflop against the JJ of Phil Gildea. The flop is 3-Q-8, turn is a 7 and river is an 8! Jay is now up to 27k chips.
Blinds are 300-600.
heres some chip counts
‘Bad Beat’ Joe Ruddy 62,000 chipleader.
Markus Sippe 55,000
Jamel Maistriaux 55,000
Justin Barker 43,000
Ollie Boyce 31,000
Neil Channing 15,500
Nicky Power 11,000

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