The October Nine

Monday, 26 October 2009

day 3 final table.

Here’s the list of players who have the honour of reaching the final table of the Irish Winter Festival 2009.

Igor Kurganov and Matej Kokalj make up the foreign contingent and their chips more than compensate for the lack of any others. This Irish blogger is rooting for his countrymen. Come on the Irish!!!

Michael O’Sullivan: 982,000
John Cassidy: 693,000
Matej Kokalj: 1,216,000
Michael Murphy: 537,000
Graham Masters: 447,000
Stephen Devlin: 463,000
Paul Dooley: 336,000
Igor Kurganov: 810,000
Gary Mealy: 540,000

Play will resume at 7pm as the player are currently on a 1 hour break.

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