Phil Baker up and down.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

update IWF

I call over to Phil Baker and give him the old "how you getting on?" look he shrugs and gives me the old, " I'm fucking struggling" look!! he really is up and down today. Come on phil, you can do it mate!!
A few heads have rolled. heres an updated list.
Gunnar Frantzen
Tom Kitt
Shirley Surgeoner
Andrew Cameron
Clark Hartwell
Bob Battersby
Paul Lawrence
Stephane Blanpin
Eamonn Murphy
Steve Jelinek
Eddie Swaffield
Matt Perrins
Thomas McVeigh
Roei Gavish
Brian Lagan
Hilton Stoch
Marlo Ryan
Adam York
Andrew Gray
Bill Defty
Carmelo Vasto
Andrew Yeates
Vincent McNamee
Rory Liffey
Toni Piiroinen
Peter Jensen
Brian M. Nolan
Lise Vigezzi
Fiachra Meere (reigning champion)
Walter McMahon
Alan Concannon
Tony Reilly
Pablo Zabonik
Anwar Kanj
Joe O’Donaill
John O’Brien
Jimmy Hennessy
Julian Thew
Christian Banken
Ciaran Taggart
Reggie Corrigan
Paul Tulie
Aly MacRae
Murat Yalcin
Cristiano Blanco
Ronan Ryan
Keith McFadden

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