Parkinson on IWF, November 9 and more.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Day 3

I bump into Padraig Parkinson wandering about aimlessly in the middle of the poker floor. He has spent much of the weekend in the bar since his exit from the main event on day 1. He skipped the day 2 side event in favour of a piss up.I ask him how his weekends has been;

PP: "a bit of a haze really"

BB: "were you annoyed to be knocked out on Saturday?"
PP: " a little bit i suppose but I got over it"

BB: "How is the side event?"
PP: "It's very good actually its one of the strongest fields I've ever seen in Ireland for a round of each game. Its good. I have 13,000 chips"(starting stack was 8)

BB: Who would you like to see win the November 9?
PP: "I'd like to see Jeff Shulman win. Especially after 2000 when he came so close and he has an advantage over most of the others with his chips and experience"

BB: What did you think of his comments about throwing his bracelet in the trash should he win?
PP: "He was tired, he hadn't seen his family in 8 or 9 days and he said something he didn't really mean. He was on our radio show a while ago and he was alot calmer. He is frustrated at Harrahs and thinks that theres a bias towards 1% of the players".

BB: Do you think you will be there next November Padraig?
PP: " I hope so, I have been trying. I'm going to see this years one anyway"

BB: Last question, how do you play jacks?
PP: "Well!!"

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