Neil's a true bluff.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Chat with Neill.

Just after 4.30 pm on day one of The Irish Winter Festival 2009 live from city west Dublin. The 387 players that remain are ona break while the 10 that are gone rue their mistakes or their misfortune.
I spy Bluff columnist and decent poker player Neill Channing exiting the toilet and decide there is no more appropriate a time to approach him and enquire about his day so far. " Ah BluffBoy" he greets me.
BluffBoy: "how are you gettin on Neill?"

Neill: " I had a good start actually, i went all in a few times with a couple of bluffs"
BluffBoY: "What's your stack like?"
Neill: " I dunno actually, come on I'll show you"
He then proceeds to lead me to his table and count exactly 22,700.
Not a bad start Mr Channing. My pick for the title.
Play is about to resume. That tense feeling has returned. I saw Padraig at the bar. i'll have a chat with him soon.

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