Michael O Sullivan has won the Irish Winter Festival.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Wow what a night. My laptop broke so it was a frenzied night of repairs while I watched the action unfold at the final table.

Igor Kurganov this bloggers enemy for the tourny went out in 5th followed by fellow non-Irish man Matej Kokalj who had a mountain of chips going into the final table.

Three Irishmen battled it out for the 143,00 first place with Michael O'Sullivan beating Michael Murphys Q7 with his QQ. Very exciting stuff.

The best three things about the IWF 09
1.Liam Floods happy birthday serenade to a clearly mortified PadddyPower assitant.
2.The punch-up at the end of day 2.
3.An Irishman took home the crown again!!!!

The three worst things about the IWF 09
1. Liam Floods cringeworthy happy birthday!! Oh god someone stop him
2. The punch-up at the end of day 2. Terrible behavior
3.An Irishman took home the crown- He will be unsufferable!!

LIST of final table places and prize money
Michael O’Sullivan €143,000
Michael Murphy €88,500
Gary Mealy €55,300
Matej Kokalj €44,800
Igor Kurganov €35,900
Stephen Devlin €28,400
Paul Dooley €22,400
Graham Masters €17,900
John Cassidy €13,500

I hope you have enjoyed BluffEuropes coverage of the Irish Winter Festival 09 and I will hopefully have the pleasure of blogging for you kind souls again at some stage.

Till then. Grind away.

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