List of players gone so far in day 2

Sunday, 25 October 2009

player update.

We are only 90 minutes into day 2 here at City West and loads of pla.yers are down. We knew it would get exciting today but didn't expect it this quickly. Here is a list of the players who are gone so far.

Adrian Ciobanu
Aidan Cooney
Wai Kwan Yuen
Scott Bull
Lesley Devine
Phil Gildea
Yvo Molin
Hannu Korva
Vera Duffy
Leon De Rouw
Tom Maguire
William Martin
Jon Sataoen
Derek Thorpe
Stephen McLean
Yann Kerhascoet
John Dewit
Packie Quinn
Pascal Perrault
Martin Dunne
Rory Brown
Marek Tatar
Joe Ruddy
Cathair Conneely
Jay Danter
Michael Nicholls
Mark Muldoon
Zachary Kempe
Surinder Sunar
Orjan Sundqvist

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