IWF 6.30 pm day 1.

Saturday, 24 October 2009


Approaching 6.30 pm. 351 players remain. Heres a list of the casualties so far:
Mario Kazda
Jeff Mitchell
Andrew Bradshaw
Craig Ryan
Andre Van de Venne
Dave Masters
Bennani Smires
Peter Mason
Kevin Naegalen
Chrisian Stancu
Giancarlo Viezzi
Ric Schouten
Maurice Harmon
Neil Duggan
Seamus Birt
Gerard Barclay
Barry Donovan
Owen Mullin
Dara O’Kearney
Pat O’Donnell
Joe Divito
Christopher Duff
Uwe Kehlenbach
Walter McMahon
Cristiano Blanco
Daniel Nutt
Johan Kohler
Pontus Lemberg

Hard luck guys!!!
Chip counts coming up.
BB. Blinds 100-200.
Still not much action. Report when it heats up.

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