Flood out, The power of Neils apples.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

IWF update day one.

Gettin near to half past 8 on day one of the IWF. 331 players still remain.
Tables 1-20 are on a well deserved dinner break. I approached the menu and settled for the pringles option upon discovering the 12.50 burger.
Liam Flood is one of the first big casualties his pocket kings beaten by an ace.
Neil Channing and Irish favourite Nicky power were involved in a monster pot which sparked a great back and forth between the two.
After 2 players limp into the pot, Nicky raises 2800 saying everyone should fold,.'Bad Beat' responds by re-raising to 7200 eloquently asking “How do you like those apples?” Nicky shoves them in. Neil instacalls showing 2 red Aces, Nicky turns over 2 black Aces. Anti climatic maybe, but some craic.
Blinds are 150-300.
Those burgers are calling me.

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