Caught in a lie. 10.30 pm day two.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

day 2

There is a bit of animosity at table 3 with a heavily tatooed irishman raising 10k pre flop only to be re raised 40k by a universally(this poker room) disliked frenchman(later confirmed to be spanish.. oh my igonorance).

There is a heated exchange between the two during which this blogger perfectly (and accidentally) spies the Tatooed fellas JH10H. he deliberates for an age, glaring at the his cultured enemy before tossing, saying to the table..

" I folded AJ" then turning and calling an onlooking friend, " I just folded AJ,Dennis"
"good fold" whispers the frenchman(im sticking with it) seductively as he cooly turns over AK.

To lie at a table is one thing. But to call Dennis and lie again. Shame on you Mr Ginger with Tatoos.

51 players remain.
Average stack 117,050
Blinds 2000-4000 Ante 400

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