Breff's got game.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

day 2.

I wander by Breffne'Big Dog' Earley, I ask him how he is and how the days going.

" Good he says, my car had two flat tyres last night when i wet out to the carpark, lucky i live around the corner. I am just going to leave it here for the weekend"

When i ask him if he plans to pay for the repairs with his winnings he smirks, "that's the plan alright"
He then casually raises 8k pre flop scaring off the table before flipping over JJ and continuing our conversation.

He's got game this fella.

Over at table 15 Neil Channing is managing to equally intrigue his fellow players and infuriate them with his notorious table talk. He tells me he's at 12.5k and he is planning on doubling up, he just "hasn't figured out how yet". His attempts at making a young Dubliner in seat 10 "show his bluff, because its the rules" is met with a glare and a mumbled remark which was not entirely audible. Vintage Neil.

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