Irish Open final table set

Irish Open final table set

Monday, 25 April 2011

The final table the 2011 has been set with Andy Black the unfortunate bubble boy.

After a long push to get to our final 9, we have Andy Black bowing out in 10th.

Jude Ainsworth, 11th place, seemed to go all-in with an exhausted effort with J9, and called by John Eames' Q10. Eames rivers a straight to end Jude run.

Jude played a blinder today, and we sad to see not reach the final day.

Andy and Judy, with one or two others, have had a roller-coaster of a day, containing multiple variations of highs and lows. These combined really brought on a lot of fatigue near the end.

Andy says being short stacked when we were down to 2 tables made it hard to create opportunities to build. He was happy with his play and holds no regrets.

It has been great to see Andy here again this year. He is always very entertaining to have in any card room.

The chip counts as we head into the final table are as follows:

2038000 – Niall Smyth
1783000 – John Eames
1594000 - Aleksi Savela
1530000 – Martin Petri
1366000 - Surinder Sunar
1329000 - Karl Rudwall
1310000 - Seamus Cahill
915000 – Robert Taylor
434000 - Niall McCann

Here are the 20th to 10th places:

10th. Andy Black (€19,400)
11th. Jude Ainsworth (€19,400)
12th. Lorna Lancaster (€19,400)
13th. Derek Thorpe (€15,100)
14th. Vincent Burke (€15,100)
15th. Olaf Martensen (€15,100)
16th. Myles Kenny (€15,100)
17th. Phillip Peters (€11,700)
18th. Jonathan Spinks (€11,700)
19th. Marty Smyth (€11,700)
20th. Lee Bennett (€11,700)

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