Ireland announces online gambling license system

Ireland announces online gambling license system

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

It seems that Ireland has become the latest in an increasing list of European countries to introduce a license system in order to tax and control online gambling in the country.

This means that overseas gaming operators will have to apply for a license in order to provide services in the Republic of Ireland. The new system is believed to be a move to secure funding for the country’s racing industry.

Speaking to broadcaster RTE Taoiseach Brian Cowen said, "This will have the additional benefit of facilitating the extension of the tax regime for the betting industry to all those providing online and telephone betting and so underpin funding for the racing industry.

“Such betting must be brought within the tax net, not just because it will increase revenue, but also because it will mean that those currently not contributing to securing the future of important indigenous industries will now make that contribution.”

Critics of a licence system claim that it will miss its intended target though. Paddy Power's Patrick Kennedy said in the Irish Times that banning operators without a licence from advertsising will have little impact as most online gaming companies do most of their marketing and customer acquisition online.

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