Improve your poker face – say cheese!

Improve your poker face – say cheese!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

He couldn’t possibly be betting for value on this river, unless he can bet that thinly with a set on this board... we’re deep enough that he’ll fold all but flushes so I’ll raise... done, oh crap, he’s looking at me – quick, keep still! Don’t move or talk! Pleasefoldpleasefoldpleasefold...

We’ve all been there – you bluff, they look, you set your face to a stony mask. No expression means no information, am I right? Apparently not, according to top boffins at Harvard and MIT. A new study shows that when bluffing, you should try to convey subtle signs of happiness or confidence, as though you have the nuts.

“Well, duh” you think but if you sit stock-still with your hood up and sunglasses hiding half your face, you don’t give out the best expression of confidence. “Untrustworthy faces”, the study concludes, leads to more aggressive betting by opponents whereas a confident, trustworthy face provokes a reaction that is more automatic – folding.

This massive study, undertaken by two or three of America’s top Universities, is quite simple and just comes down to Caro’s philosophy – strong means weak; weak means strong.

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