Hutchison Beats Boeree to UKIPT Edinburgh Title

Hutchison Beats Boeree to UKIPT Edinburgh Title

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Action has finally wrapped up at UKIPT Edinburgh, with Dean Hutchison beating PokerStars pro Liv Boeree to the £93,900 prize.

Action was fast and furious at the final table with Boeree taking on the role of resident wrecking ball, and after barely half an hour of play she had already eliminated an incredible three players.

At this point that UKIPT regular Tomasz Raniszewski decided to go big or go home, shipping in his stack with K3cc in the cut-off and doubling up against Eldon Orr’s T8dd. However, his next foray was not so lucky, and one lost flip against Dean Hutchison later saw him sent to the rail in 5th place.

“Let the games begin!” cried Hutchison, and sure enough, the rail was not disappointed. Eldon Orr was the next to fall victim to Boeree after his AKo couldn’t find any luck against her eights, and an hour later Jason Beazley met a similar fate.

Boeree entered heads-up play boasting a significant chip-lead against Hutchison, and the pair entered a lengthy tussle. It looked like Hutchison’s luck had run out when he got A4o in against the Kings of Boeree, but the three on the river gave him a straight and kept him alive.

Boeree lost another chunk of change after turning two pair, only to see Hutchison river a better two pair.

It was all over minutes later. After Hutchison checked the 4d5s6c board Boeree put in a bet of 125,000 which Hutchison check-raised to 325,000. The former EPT San Remo champ wasn't going anywhere though and pushed her remaining 1.4m into the middle. Hutchison made the call and was in good shape holding 6s5d for top two pair. Boeree was no means out of it with though with 5c3c for middle pair and an open ended straight draw. That improved to a flush draw when the Kc appeared on the turn. The river was a blank 8d though, giving Hutchison the title and sending a devastated Boeree to the rail in second. £59,180 should offer some consolation.

1st. £93,900 – Dean Hutchison
2nd. £59,180 – Liv Boeree
3rd. £42,430 – Jason Beazley
4th. £33,700 – Eldon Orr
5th. £26,430 – Tomasz Raniszewski
6th. £20,710 – Jacobus Visser
7th. £15,570 – Michael Kane
8th. £11,060 – Ciaran Heaney

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