Huge losses for Isildur1

Huge losses for Isildur1

Saturday, 11 December 2010

As we reported on Thursday, Isildur1 is back, this time on the cash tables at PokerStars and as expected there have been more swings than you'd find in a children's playground.

The enigmatic Swede got off to a flying start, showing a $265k profit after an opening 12-hour PLO session. As you'd anticipate with Isildur1 though, things haven't gone quite so smoothly since then.

The new Team PokerStars Pro moved up from the shallow stacked $25/$50 tables up to the deep stacked $100/$200 games and dropped the best part of $300,000. The main beneficiary of Isildur1's largesse was Phil 'MrSweets28' Galfond who tweeted, "Almost busted my Stars account, but managed to run good just before it was too late. Crazy swingy session." adding "Run bad... run good... run very bad... run very good... sleep."

Hopefully we'll see more crazy action from poker's greatest mystery man over the weekend.

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