Huge Bad Beat Jackpot at the Empire

Huge Bad Beat Jackpot at the Empire

Saturday, 4 December 2010

222 may be an unlucky number in cricket but poker players at the Empire Casino in Leicester Square had no such worries after they shared £222k when the venue's Bad Beat Jackpot was finally struck.

The big hand was played at a £1/£2 table at 8.40 on Thursday morning and saw Rupert Graham's quad sixes run into Halit Avoyli's quad kings. The massive payout looked unlikely on a 6-K-3 flop but a King on the turn and a 6 on the river gave both players quads.

Graham picked up a whopping £111K for his unlucky loss, dwarfing the few hundred pounds he lost in the hand. Avoyli pocketed £55k with his kings with the other 6 players sitting at the £1/£2 Bad Beat Jackpot table taking home an unexpected £7.5k bonus. The eight other players in the room at the time also got a share of the jackpot, each earning around £1.5k.

Hoan Tran, Club Director at the Empire said, “We are proud to introduce this jackpot as a one of a kind in the UK - we are ecstatic that it's been won, at long last, especially to a loyal customer!”

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