Huck Seed wins Late Night Poker

Huck Seed wins Late Night Poker

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Huck Seeed has won the latest series of Late Night Poker. The American came from behind to beat Gus Hansen heads up. Meanwhile, Annette Obrestad and Sam Trickett managed a notable 3rd and 4th place respectively.

It looked like the great Dane was going to take the title but a cruel river card swung the momentum Seed’s way. The American was all in holding A2 to Hansen’s A7. With only the river to come, the former Main Event winner needed a deuce to survive and sure enough a deuce appeared. Seed eventually sealed the win holding pocket 3s against Hansen’s Q8. Despite having a flush draw and two overcards, Hansen couldn’t find any help on the river and was forced to settle for $100,000 for his second place finish.

The winner, who collected a first prize of $200,000 said, “I’ve been playing poker for 20 years against the best of the best many times. I really like playing against good competition. It was exciting and fun to play. It’s been a good trip all the way round. I’ve had a lot of fun, seen a beautiful new city. It’s been great.”

A magnanimous Hansen added, “It’s a pretty good result for me. There were a lot of strong players from all over the world. I came second, you can’t really argue with that, it’s a good result. It is a little more shiny to come in first though.”

Patrik Antonius was the first player to go in last night’s episode. The Finn saw his Aces cracked by Tim West’s AK who hit a river flush to double up. A very quiet Tony G was next to go. The motormouth Aussie pushed all in with A6 but ran into Gus Hansen’s AQ. Tim West went next holding AK. Annette Obrestad called his push holding pocket 9s. A 9 on the flop looked to have sealed it but a diamond on the turn gave west hope for a flush. The river brought a blank giving Annette the chip lead.

Pocket nines were a theme throughout the final as they were Sam Trickett’s final holding. He didn’t have Annette’s good luck with them though. Gus Hansen called with AQ and a Queen on the flop sent the young Englishman out in 4th place. Annette Obrestad bowed in 3rd place. The former WSOPE Main Event winner pushed with pocket 5s but ran into Gus Hansen’s pocket Jacks leaving the Dane and Seed to battle it out heads up.

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