Hoyt Corkins’ Home ‘Burglarized’

Hoyt Corkins’ Home ‘Burglarized’

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Hoyt Corkins – awesome poker player and a seriously nice guy, as all at Bluff Europe can attest. However, being Hoyt Corkins isn’t all great right now, as our favourite ‘mean-looking but actually quite nice’ poker player’s home has been burgled.

A bunch of crooks pulled off the swoop at Corkins’ home in the plush Spanish Trail area of Las Vegas. The break-in was audacious, evading all capture in what is a guarded and gated community. Two cars, a motorcycle, electronics and upto $10,000 were stolen, as well as his WSOP and WPT bracelets.

Hoyt believes the total losses are well over $100,000, although of course some items are irreplaceable. Corkins had been out of Las Vegas for a month. "I don't really believe it was anybody from poker doing it, but it could have been one of their friends or something that overheard something," he said.

One thing we do love about Hoyt is the way he keeps his cool at the poker table while sending the likes of Phil Hellmuth through the roof. He seems that he’s taken it very philosophically here, too.

"Hey, you got to be lucky through life, and sometimes you're lucky, and sometimes you're not. And lot of it is dealing with your bad luck," he said.

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