Houston player stuck in catch 22 with Cake Poker security

Houston player stuck in catch 22 with Cake Poker security

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Cory Albertson is a poker player from Houston, Texas, and has been having difficulty re-accessing his old Cake Poker account according to our cousins across the pond, Bluff magazine. Albertson could not remember his old password so he contacted Cake Poker support – that’s where the kerfuffle began.

He was asked, as is expected protocol when dealing with thousands of peoples’ money, to provide proof of ID, proof of address and a scan of the card used to deposit. The problem, says Albertson, is that the account was opened so long ago that he has since moved house and stopped using the card used to deposit.

The solution? Support asked him to supply them with proof of ID, proof of address, and a scan of the card used to deposit... wait a minute. In Albertson’s own words to Cake Poker: “It’s been two+ years since I deposited. I have no idea what card I used to deposit. Additionally, I’ve moved since then. Twice, actually. It’s going to be close to impossible for me to acquire a utility bill or bank statement that reflects the address on my account.

"I understand there’s good reasoning behind these security procedures, but they’re actually a little too effective. In this case, you’re making it close to impossible for an honest customer to gain access to his account.”
This is a true Catch 22. On the one hand, it’s fantastic that Cake Poker are so stringent about security measures and it should make all their players confident in their safety. On the other hand – sucks to be Cory Albertson.

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