Hippodrome to Hire Dwarf Bouncers

Hippodrome to Hire Dwarf Bouncers

Friday, 22 November 2013

No, there's no need to check the date, we've not suddenly fast forwarded to 1st April. The Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square really is looking to hire a team of dwarf bouncers.

The recently revamped venue placed an advert in morning freesheet Metro earlier this week reading, “The Hippodrome is seeking to create a team of Britain’s smallest bouncers – Door Dwarfs – for its new entrance."

Applicants under 4ft 10in are being invited to apply for the roles which will include 'door control and customer relations'.

Hippodrome owner Simon Thomas told the International Business Times the thinking behind the new appointments.

"We have tried various different kinds of bouncers or greeters on the doors from pretty girls and pretty boys to showgirls. We also used one of our bouncers who is a dwarf and he went down incredibly well, so we are extending that to have a full team."

Door Dwarfs

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