High Stakes Poker Televises New Line-Up

High Stakes Poker Televises New Line-Up

Thursday, 14 May 2009

High Stakes Poker reshuffled the line-up of the new series again this week. While Tom Dwan and Eli Elezra remain at the tables, a host of new faces arrived including young Italian sensation Dario Minieri.

He put on an impressive performance during the airing of the programme and it will be interesting to see what he does in the coming weeks. In one hand, Elezra was dealt pocket Kings and fired $4,000 pre-flop. Minieri raised to $13,000 with Ah 9h and Elezra called. The flop was K88 giving Elezra the full house. Both players checked. The turn was a Q and Elezra checked, Minieri bet $14,500 and Elezra called. The river was an Ace giving Minieri top pair. Elezra bet $35,000 and Minieri, after thinking for a few seconds, folded.

Eli was very active this episode, in the first hand semi-bluffing with the nut flush draw to take a near-$200,000 pot away from Tom Dwan.

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