High Stakes Poker Announce Second Line-Up

High Stakes Poker Announce Second Line-Up

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Next week, the seventh episode of High Stakes Poker’s fifth season, will see new faces join the table in the high-stakes cash game.

Joe Hachem, the 2005 WSOP Main Event winner, will join Patrik Antonius and the Laak/Esfandiari duo for the second day’s play over the next few episodes. Tom Dwan will also return to the table.

In the first six episodes of this season Tom Dwan ran over the table, picking off bluffs and making insane bets to the tune of over half a million profit. Some memorable hands include him turning top pair into a six-figure bluff and forcing Greenstein to lay down AA and Eastgate to fold trips.
He won the biggest unchopped pot in High Stakes Poker history last episode when his top pair and flush draw turned trips against Greenstein for a $919k

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