High Stakes Dane in Fraud Investigation

High Stakes Dane in Fraud Investigation

Thursday, 11 December 2014

An unnamed high stakes player from Denmark is being investigated by Danish police after reports were filed that he'd been using Trojan horse software against his opponents.

According to a report on iGaming.org, the 32-year-old pro was formerly one of the country's top high stakes stars and won millions of Euros across different sites.

Although the police haven't moved to charge the individual, they are investigating complaints that the player installed malicious software on his opponent's computers in order to defraud them at the felt.

Not only that, but it's also been alleged that the player wasn't working alone. Sources close to the investigation have suggested that an insider, possibly from the police force, was helping.

The news came to light after one of the alleged victims noticed that his computer had been restarted while he was out of the house. Knowing this wasn't something that would normally happen, he checked his CCTV and found that someone had broken into his house and tampered with his computer.

iGaming.org claims to know the name of the player in question but has yet to release it until charges are filed against him.

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