Hellmuth's One Drop Drama

Hellmuth's One Drop Drama

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A mini-drama unfolded on Twitter yesterday as Phil Hellmuth scrambled to find a buy-in for the $1 million One Drop event. Despite having months to prepare for the tournament and secure any necessary funds, Phil fell short by $130,000.

The news was documented on the pro's social media account through a series of tweets in which Phil stated his quest to raise $600,000 would make a "GREAT reality show".

Unfortunately, despite thinking he'd secured $1 million, "$130,000 that was supposed to be at the cage wasn't there".

Out of time and out of financial resources to tap, Phil was left to watch from the sidelines as 42 players raced for the One Drop title.

Soon after missing the action Phil spoke to poker reporter Lee Davy about his plight and explained that he was just too late getting his act together.

Fortunately, Phil has learnt a valuable lesson from the incident and told Lee that he will never leave it until the last minute again.

As the interview moved on Phil also talked about his current bracelet race with Phil Ivey and how he's challenged his counterpart to be the first to win 20 WSOP titles.

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