Hellmuth’s In and Out at WPT Venice

Hellmuth’s In and Out at WPT Venice

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Day 1A might have been an intimate affair, but yesterday's second opening session of WPT Venice was certainly a more lively affair.

Of those braving the weather for a slice of WPT glory, it was Phil Hellmuth who made the biggest pre-game impression. The American pro's appearance had been lauded throughout the day, however, when the chips were down he couldn’t keep pace.

Indeed, after exactly one level at the felt he found himself heading back the way he came thanks to Fernando Cimaglia. The Italian pro entered the pot from the big blind after Hellmuth’s opening raise was called by one other player.

As the flop rolled out 8s 6h 2h, a check from Cimaglia prompted a bet from Hellmuth and a fold from the other player in the pot. A call from Cimaglia took the action to the turn where the 7s prompted a check-shove from Cimaglia. After going into the tank Hellmuth eventually called and saw the bad news when Cimaglia turned over Js 8d. Hellmuth’s 8c 5c needed some help but after the Qh fell on the river he was out of the event.

That pot helped propel Cimaglia to the top of the chip counts where he eventually stayed. As the day came to a close, the Italian bagged 175,000 to finish ahead of such players as Giacomo Fundaro (93,700), Ludovic Lacay (118,000), Liv Boeree (24,600) and Martin Staszko (50,900).

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