Hellmuth: “Ivey won’t pass me in five years.”

Hellmuth: “Ivey won’t pass me in five years.”

Monday, 19 July 2010

The World (Series of Poker) is in trouble – Phil Ivey has now decided he wants the bracelet record and there is no stopping him. At least, so says everyone in the poker industry besides the man to beat.

Unsurprisingly, 11-time WSOP bracelet-winner and current bracelet record holder Phil Hellmuth doesn’t rate Ivey’s chances of taking his crown in the next five years. In the past five years, Ivey has won four WSOP bracelets; he needs to win that amount again to pass Hellmuth by one title.

"Ivey won't pass me in five years. That's impossible,” Hellmuth asserted on Jesse May's The Poker Show, before saying: “I shouldn't say it’s impossible... I don't think it'll happen. I think maybe in five years I'll be at 14 or 15, and maybe he's at 11 or 12. I don't know. I think that he won't pass me in five years."

Regardless of what happens it will be an intriguing race. Ivey likes bracelet wins in batches – for example in 2009 he made bracelet bets to motivate himself and took down two events plus his notorious November Nine appearance. Hellmuth hasn’t won a WSOP bracelet for quite some time but is more than capable of folding his way to victory in the NL events.

World Series of Poker Europe events counting – which, if Ivey wins, Hellmuth will say they don’t – then Ivey has an excellent shot of surpassing Hellmuth in five years. The UB pro will be lucky to win a non-Hold ‘em bracelet whereas Ivey can dominate any game he chooses.
Also, he’s Phil Ivey. ‘nuff said.

You can hear the full interview with Hellmuth at the Party Poker Blog.

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