Haxton favoured in SuperStar Showdown

Haxton favoured in SuperStar Showdown

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Online railbirds have plenty to look forward to this weekend as Victor 'Isildur1' Blom takes on Isaac Haxton in a $1m winner takes all Superstar Showdown.

Despite a string of fine performances in previous Superstar Showdown matches, Blom will go into tomorrow's clash as the underdog with online betting exchange Matchbook.com offering the Swede at 2.06. Haxton, who won the last encounter between the pair by a tiny margin is rated a 1.91 favourite.

“Last superstar showdown saw some extremely interesting and high stakes betting take place, with some well known poker professional betting up to $50,000 on either player,” read a statement from Matchbook.com.

“It seemed like the majority of action favored Haxton but it will be interesting to see what the opinion is for this match since the stakes have been upped once again and the length of play may be substantially longer.”

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