Harry Reid Supports RAWA

Harry Reid Supports RAWA

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, the man who once supported online poker in the US, is now firmly against the industry.

Over recent weeks the 76-year-old has hinted that he's not in favour of online gambling in the US and in an interview KNPR he stated categorically that he will do what he can to assist the passage of RAWA through congress.

When asked by the host of the State of Nevada show why he once supported the industry and now he doesn't, Reid said that those weren't the facts.

"Joe, you have the facts wrong. I believe online gambling is not good for our country," said Reid.

It had initially been assumed that Reid's new stance would include exceptions for online poker, however, as he discussed the issue it became clear he is now willing to support a blanket ban on igaming across the US.

Explaining that he is happy to support Senator Lindsey Graham's efforts to push RAWA through congress, Reid said that he'll be there to do what he can for the cause.

"I will not stand in his way at all,” he said. “If it passes the House, we are going to give a good try in the Senate," Reid stated.

This admission by a former champion of the online poker industry will come as a blow to those fighting to have the Sheldon Adelson-backed RAWA bill dismissed. Although there the backing of Reid won't automatically mean that RAWA is passed, it's certainly a boost for those in favour of the anti-online gaming bill.

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