Harman’s Show Cancelled

Harman’s Show Cancelled

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

In late 2012 we brought you news of a new TV show entitled Sin City Rules that was to star Jennifer Harman and cast of other “influential” Las Vegas.

The trailers for the show certainly didn’t inspire much confidence, but according Daniel Negreanu and other friends of Jennifer, it was going to be “a hit”.

However, despite the love from the poker community, there are rumours that it has been cancelled by TLC Network bosses.

According to TV Fishbowl – an entertainment website – either last Tuesday’s show or the forthcoming episode will be the last one.

Although a total of eight episodes were made, the speculation is that the ratings are significantly lower than expected which is why it’s being taken off the air after just five showings.

The concluding three episodes of the series will allegedly be shown on TLC’s website and international distribution of the show will go ahead as planned.

As yet Jennifer Harman hasn’t commented on the situation.

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