Harder, Frankenberger at WPT Foxwoods final table

Harder, Frankenberger at WPT Foxwoods final table

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A very short Day 5 at Foxwoods saw two players hit the rail to give us a six-handed final table for the WPT World Poker Finals, which will conclude today and award the winner nearly half a million dollars as well as a WPT bracelet.

Leading the way is Steven Brackesy, who has chipped up to over 1.8m – a little under one-third of the chips in play. The biggest names at the final table are Christian “charder30” Harder, who is in second place, and Andy Frankenberger. Last year, he final tabled two WPT events – winning one – to take Player of the Year. He also won a WSOP bracelet this past summer.

He is the shortstack, however – with 374,000 he has just 23 big blinds to work with when play resumes at the televised final table. The dynamics are interesting, with Brackesy out of position to third place Daniel Santoro and Harder. The top three chip stacks are very close in the counts with just eight big blinds separating Santoro and Harder.

The seat draw and chip counts are as follows:
1. Steven Brackesy – 1.807m
2. Daniel Santoro – 1.163m
3. Christian Harder – 1.293m
4. Bob Carbone – 588k
5. Andy Frankenberger – 374k
6. Eli Berg – 496k

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