Haralabos Joins Full Tilt Debate

Haralabos Joins Full Tilt Debate

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ray Bitar, Erick Lindgren and Daniel Negreanu have come under fire recently after Haralabos Voulgaris penned a blog revealing his take on Full Tilt.

Contained with the blog were a number of revelations regarding a declined offer to buy shares in the company, as well as Lindgren’s numerous debts.
Haralabos decided to write the blog after fielding a number of questions about how his game was affected by Black Friday.

While he states, he “didn’t have any money on deposit with Full Tilt so it didn’t really impact me in the normal sense”, he did almost buy 2%-3% of the online site.

Having been offered a stake in the company by Howard Lederer – although at a less attractive rate than many other pros had been offered previously – Haralabos decided to meet with Ray Bitar and find out more.

However, upon meeting the company’s CEO, Haralabos was less than impressed, questioning not only his business skills but his intellectual ones. “Ray’s lack of sharpness wasn’t really the issue. The issue was that I kind of felt he might have been actually been dumb.”

After revealing what we now know to be true of Bitar, Haralabos goes on to talk about Erick Lindgren and how, despite having almost $16 million at his disposal at one point, he owes people a huge amount of money.

“Erick the Degen has owed me and countless others money for a number of years and never quite got around to settling these debts while the FTP money train was chugging along.”

Unsurprisingly, now Lindgren’s payments have stopped and his poker winnings have dried up, the loan repayments have also stopped. At this point Erick it has taken Erick five years to pay back 65% of his debt to Haralabos.

Also feeling the force of Haralabos’s words is Daniel Negreanu. While Haralabos doesn’t totally condemn Daniel, he does question how he can defend his friends such as Erick, yet lambast people like Howard so heavily.

Overall the blog makes for an interesting read and heaps yet more misery on those involved in the Full Tilt saga.

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