Hansen's Beef with 'SallyWoo'

Hansen's Beef with 'SallyWoo'

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

It's fair to say that Gus Hansen hasn't had the best year at the virtual felt, but a recent verbal tirade against 'SallyWoo' revealed that things could be getting to the Dane more than just financially.

According to Highstakes DB, Gus has lost $8,461,472 online in 2013 and that seems to have given him cause to accuse 'SallyWoo' of using an Omaha 8 program against him. Gus made the allegation after he lost yet more money during a session of O8 on Full Tilt in the post-Christmas lull.

According to the chat log, Gus feels that 'SallyWoo' made a bet whilst he was disconnected and that he should pay back the $4,000 blind that he won.
'SallyWoo' denied the claim and pointed out to Gus that he's been playing online for 12 years and during that time he's never angle-shot anyone, especially not for $4,000.

The conversation then took another turn when Gus said: "the computer program right by your side - could be slippery slope. I believe you have an O8 program."

'SallyWoo' denied the allegation and Gus was keen to stress that he wasn't accusing his opponent of cheating, however, it seems the two players now have an issue with each other.

Exactly what prompted Gus to make the accusation is unclear, but it seems that he's unhappy with 'SallyWoo' and isn't prepared to play him online anymore:

"Gus Hansen: since this was probably last time we played - I just wanna add it was funny you were so offended of me saying you have an O8 computer program - since obviously you do.
SallyWoo: Oh lord Gus, I don't cheat.
SallyWoo: I did nothing wrong here, I'll ask ft for our conversation about our deal and send it to u on twitter or something.
Gus Hansen: lol - I guess you are trying to start a career as a politician, since you like to answer in east when the question came from west."

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