Hansen goes Irish

Hansen goes Irish

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Despite being born in Denmark, Gus Hansen appeared to turn Irish for a time yesterday after taking down the UK versus Ireland heads-up title at the Galway Festival.

Hansen lined up for the Emerald Isle to compete against the likes of Jake Cody, Matt Perrins and Martins Adeniya in a battle for national pride.

After making it through to the final, the Dane soon found himself one match down against Dave ‘lildavefish’ Nicholson. However, a burst of 50 push-ups during the reset seemed to rejuvenate Hansen and he soon levelled the competition at one game apiece.

Hansen gained his advantage in the third and final game after pressuring his opponent into an all-in with 8s Jh on a Tc 8s 2d board. He made the call with 8h 4s and watched as the 5s and 8c hit on the turn and river.

Holding a huge advantage, it took just a few more hands for Hansen to scoop the last of Nicholson’s chips and claim the title along with €16,151.

However, the news was not all good for the Irish players taking part in Galway as the overall team event saw England trounce the hosts by 44 points to 36.

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