Hakki Wins Child Support Case

Hakki Wins Child Support Case

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

British poker player Tony ‘Hit Man’ Hakki has dodged a legal bullet after claiming that his earnings at the felt were not enough to support his estranged wife and children.

The former stockbroker turned pro had been sued by Devrise Blair accused of failing to pay child support but a trio of Appeals Court judges ruled that playing poker did not amount to ‘gainful employment’ as the sport was not organised enough to amount to a trade.

Blair had argued that Hakki's career was akin to that of a professional sportsman despite the fact that he had only $186,648 in live cashes over a 20-year record.

After reviewing the case and Hakki's tournament records, the three judges brought the four-year matter to a close by ruling in favour of Hakki.

“On the facts found, I do not consider that it can be said that Mr Hakki had a sufficient organisation in his poker playing to make it amount to a trade (or a business) let alone a profession or a vocation,” read the final ruling.

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